Our team works with you to understand your business needs and builds a website to meet your goals.


1. Research & Goal Setting

We work with you to create a mood board, set expectations, and gather assets like your logo, photos, CVs, etc.

2. Content Writing & Creative Design

Starting with the overall look and feel you want; our team will develop a concept, design the site's basic structure, and write copy.

3. Development & Implementation

Our developers begin putting everything together, activating the designs and giving the site all the functionalities needed.

4. Optimizing for SEO & Mobile Devices

As we build the site, our team ensures every inch, title, picture, and link is properly optimized to improve your ranking and we ensure the site is mobile friendly.

5. Final Review & Edits

After we develop, test, and adjust the website, we will send you the site for your review and make one final round of edits.

6. Go Live!

Once you approve the site, our developers launch set up the site's hosting, flip the switch, and the site goes live!
*Once your website goes live, the My Industry Brand team allocates time each month per client to make any requested site edits or improvements. However, if there happens to be something urgent, we don't mind helping out!

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Your website should be the center of your online presence, and we're here to ensure you meet your goals.